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I’ll Be Fine Its Nothing Serious!
11 November

I know that there’s talk that I will be sitting out and missing games but I want everyone to know

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Looking To Get Things on The Right Track Tomorrow
7 October

The start of the season has been really tough for my teammates and I, we would’ve never thought we’d start

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I’ll Take The Blame, I’ll Be Better
1 October

In tough times its easy to look around and point the finger, the hard thing to do is look in

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Interview: Discussing My DJ Skills & OBJ Crazy Catches
25 September

Shoutout to Out Of Bounds for the cool feature interview, I had a great time discussing locker room vibes, my

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Rather Taking a Knee or Standing We Are One!
25 September

Before yesterday’s game my teammates Landon Collins, Olivier Vernon and I decided to take a knee in protest to President Trump’s

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New York Giants… Contender in 2017?
26 August

So this write up on this pretty cool blog call Study Breaks and thought it was pretty accurate, it classified

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Always Remember to Have Fun!!
22 August

This game we play called football is a very violent and aggressive sport but we love it.  We began playing

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2017 Goals Are Set!!!
18 August

The goals have been set for this season now its time to go make it happen, I’m going all out

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A Good Scuffle In Practice Never Hurts!
5 August

Things got a little heated in practice the other day between the offense and the defense and of course the

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End Zone Celebration Challenge, Clearly I Won LoL!!!
29 July

Had a great time on ESPN the other day… I had to show them us big fellas got a few

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