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Damon Harrison: Hot 97 Interview With Ebro In The Morning
26 July

I had a great time up at Hot 97 with Ebro in the Morning and the crew… I had the opportunity

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Tutorial: Textbook Technique
17 July

Let me take you to school real quick, class is in session. Check out this video here of me putting

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Great Times at The 2017 ESPYs
14 July

I had the opportunity to make it to LA for some 2017 ESPYs festivities this year.  I have to say

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My Top 5 Picks of Active Defensive Tackles
12 July

Every year a list of the top NFL players are released from various outlets and publications, rarely do you guys

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To Clarify My Statement Comparing Eli Manning to Lebron James
11 July

So there has been a lot of talk about my statement in regards to comparing Eli Manning to Lebron James.

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Numbers Don’t Lie, Here Is a Stat That Can’t Be Ignored!
18 June

Thanks for telling it like it is Pro Football Focus, I pride myself on the hard work and dedication that

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Still Motivated Still Grinding!
15 June

Last year was great but I truly believe this year will be even greater. Ed Valentine from the BigBlueReview did a

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Thanks For The Honor Pro Football Focus (PFF)
7 June

I’m honored to be selected to the Pro Football Focus top 50 list this year, coming in at #41. Rather than the

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Are You Ready For Some Football???
1 June

Just 98 days to go people, this going to be a great year for the Giants I promise you that!

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Is Damon Harrison the Best Run Stopper in the NFL?
1 June

Damon Harrison, who proved again that he is the best run stuffer in the league. – USAToday A lot of

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