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Training Video: The Grind Don’t Stop!

  29.03.2018   Articles

All hard work pays off mere talk leads to nothing… Anything you put your mind and grind to, you can achieve.  Here is a little behind the scene footage of

Big Snacks in The UFC???

  13.02.2018   Articles

Lets be clear, I love my day job of playing in the NFL its nothing greater; but I definitely would be a monster in the UFC if I decided to

Got my Swagga Back!!!

  23.01.2018   Articles

I know I said top 5 but I’m top 2. Got my swagga back…back to the old me. I’m the best NT in the league, yeah I said it. #SnacksSeasoniii I want

New Gear on The Way!!!

  10.12.2017   Articles, Uncategorized

Happy to announce the Snacks Shop will be open soon on the website. It will be stacked with hoodies, t-shirts and hats to kick things off; we will continue to

Got First Interception!!!

  19.11.2017   Articles

Got to show the world my hand in yesterday’s game and flex a little foot speed loll against the Kansas City Chiefs… I got my first career interception and man

NY Giants Fans Are The Best, Love It!

  14.11.2017   Articles

Despite having a tough season our die hart fans have still came out to support every game and battle with us every step of the way and I just want

I’ll Take The Blame, I’ll Be Better

  1.10.2017   Articles

In tough times its easy to look around and point the finger, the hard thing to do is look in the mirror and check yourself.  That was the extent of

Interview: Discussing My DJ Skills & OBJ Crazy Catches

  25.09.2017   Articles

Shoutout to Out Of Bounds for the cool feature interview, I had a great time discussing locker room vibes, my DJ skills and some of the crazy catches OBJ make.

A Good Scuffle In Practice Never Hurts!

  5.08.2017   Articles

Things got a little heated in practice the other day between the offense and the defense and of course the eye in the sky caught it all lol… A good

Tutorial: Textbook Technique

  17.07.2017   Articles

Let me take you to school real quick, class is in session. Check out this video here of me putting in would against the Washington Redskins! #NYGiants Damon Harrison gets