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Salute to my Dawg Jason Pierre-Paul!

  23.03.2018   Articles

My brotha it was an honor to play along side you, a true solider and grinder. All the best as you move forward with the Bucks my brotha salute!

Never be Defined by Other’s Opinions!

  25.01.2018   Articles

I wanted to post this to motivate everyone who has naysayers, I want to encourage you to dig deep and trust your process.  Control what you can control, continue believe

Got my Swagga Back!!!

  23.01.2018   Articles

I know I said top 5 but I’m top 2. Got my swagga back…back to the old me. I’m the best NT in the league, yeah I said it. #SnacksSeasoniii I want

New Gear on The Way!!!

  10.12.2017   Articles, Uncategorized

Happy to announce the Snacks Shop will be open soon on the website. It will be stacked with hoodies, t-shirts and hats to kick things off; we will continue to

Got First Interception!!!

  19.11.2017   Articles

Got to show the world my hand in yesterday’s game and flex a little foot speed loll against the Kansas City Chiefs… I got my first career interception and man

NY Giants Fans Are The Best, Love It!

  14.11.2017   Articles

Despite having a tough season our die hart fans have still came out to support every game and battle with us every step of the way and I just want

Adversity Is a Good Way To Test Character!

  13.11.2017   Articles

The media like to try to create stories for headlines and create false tension in our locker room. Its clearly been a tough season for us, I really think we

Rather Taking a Knee or Standing We Are One!

  25.09.2017   Articles

Before yesterday’s game my teammates Landon Collins, Olivier Vernon and I decided to take a knee in protest to President Trump’s comments; other teammates decided to stand but nevertheless we are

New York Giants… Contender in 2017?

  26.08.2017   Articles

So this write up on this pretty cool blog call Study Breaks and thought it was pretty accurate, it classified the Dallas Cowboys as pretenders and the New York Giants

Always Remember to Have Fun!!

  22.08.2017   Articles

This game we play called football is a very violent and aggressive sport but we love it.  We began playing this game for the love, the brotherhood and the art