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Video: Had a Good Time With These Guys! (Damon Harrison on Undisputed With Skip & Shannon)

  20.02.2018   Articles

Really had a good time talking football with Skip and Shannon on their debate show Undisputed. We discussed everything from football to  Lebron vs Jordan, check it out below… 

Interview: Discussing My DJ Skills & OBJ Crazy Catches

  25.09.2017   Articles

Shoutout to Out Of Bounds for the cool feature interview, I had a great time discussing locker room vibes, my DJ skills and some of the crazy catches OBJ make.

New York Giants… Contender in 2017?

  26.08.2017   Articles

So this write up on this pretty cool blog call Study Breaks and thought it was pretty accurate, it classified the Dallas Cowboys as pretenders and the New York Giants