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Rather Taking a Knee or Standing We Are One!

  25.09.2017   Articles

Before yesterday’s game my teammates Landon Collins, Olivier Vernon and I decided to take a knee in protest to President Trump’s comments; other teammates decided to stand but nevertheless we are

Always Remember to Have Fun!!

  22.08.2017   Articles

This game we play called football is a very violent and aggressive sport but we love it.  We began playing this game for the love, the brotherhood and the art

Still Motivated Still Grinding!

  15.06.2017   Articles

Last year was great but I truly believe this year will be even greater. Ed Valentine from the BigBlueReview did a pretty cool write up highlighting my last season check it

Thanks For the Love Yahoo Sports!

  31.05.2017   Articles

I’m very appreciative and humbled when anyone has something positive to say about me and my play, thanks for the love Yahoo Sports. The New York Giants uncharacteristically opened their